Fridge gadget to reduce greenhouse emissions

img e-cube  A small device called e-cube is getting quite some press coverage throughout the UK the last days. It could save more greenhouse gas emissions than taxes on gas guzzling cars, low energy light bulbs and wind turbines on houses combined.

Invented by British engineers, the GBP25 gadget significantly reduces the amount of energy used by fridges and freezers, which are estimated to consume about a fifth of all domestic electricity in the UK.

…Refrigeration units usually monitor circulating air temperature in order to decide when to switch on and off. However, circulating air temperature tends to rise quickly, far more quickly than food temperature and, as a result, refrigeration works harder than necessary to maintain stored products at the right temperature. This in turn leads to excessive electricity consumption and undue wear and tear on the equipment…

According to the e-cube web site it is currently on trial with various hotels, supermarket chains and restaurants including Marriots, Holiday Inn and Starbucks.

Depending on how often you are opening your fridge, savings in private households might be limited.

More information:
e-cube company web site.
Guardian Unlimited press article.

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