DIY: Dubya the Paper Sheriff

There are many great paper automata on the Internet but this one is different.

…The concept of this design is political satire, something which I’ve not come across before in a paper model. It’s a ‘nodding donkey’, which works beautifully. Standing in front is George ‘Dubya’ with a petrol pump, waving the petrol nozzle in one hand and his cowboy hat in the other. There’s a lot of movement, with the arms being operated by threads…

Originally designed by Italian paper automata guru “Paper Pino” it is available for USD 8 from Optical Toys. This is not a beginner’s model but when you see it in action we believe it is definitely worth the effort.

There’s both a black hat and a white hat to choose from depending on your persuasion. And most likely you can easily replace the face image coming out-of-the-box with your most wanted one…

Click on the image for the jump.

link to Optical Toys web site

More information:
Optical Toys
Paper Pino

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