Iraq: New survey paints a devastating portrait of life

A new survey by ABC News, the BBC and the leading German TV news show has been published today.

The survey that after 2004 and 2005 has now been conducted a third time demonstrates a strong deterioration of people’s hope and lives in Iraq. Millions more just want to leave and most – in difference to the previous surveys – now believe it is right to fight the Americans.

More than 2000 participants across Iraq have been interviewed for this representative survey, often under extreme conditions, and many of the interviewers have been arrested.

Below we have selected some of the most interesting charts shown online by ABC, BBC and ARD. The German charts on the right have been translated.

Please follow the links below for the full size images and additional information.

img Iraq 2007 poll charts

Full stories and images at:
ABC News web site.
BBC News web site.
ARD (German) News web site.

Note: Each of the web sites also has their version (with or without charts) of the full report online for download.

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