Design: Cake Art

These are definitely some of the most outstanding cakes we have ever seen – each one is like a work of (edible) art.

I Dream of Cake in San Francisco – established by artist Shinmin Li – does custom cakes of almost anything you could dream of – from wedding cakes over fashion items and fine art to children’s beloved icons. Have a look at their online photo gallery with dozens of images.

Each cake creation is unique and differs in complexity of design and hours of artwork. And the cakes also taste great.

In general Wedding cakes are in the price range of USD 8-25 per serving (depending on size and design) and custom cakes begin at USD 350. Early booking is recommended.

Click on the image for the jump.

link to idreamofcake web site

More information:
I Dream of Cake web site.
There is also a video at TurnHere that shows many of Shinmin’s master pieces.

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