Gadgets: Illuminated Handbag

img Illuminated handbag  The Illuminated Handbag might be a perfect attention catcher “for the shy”, especially in darkened rooms.

Materials: A light-emitting fabric that blends optical fiber with other fibers

Other Info: Light-emitting fabric is activated by a tiny battery or direct current

Available in 6 fabrics and 5 LED colors for USD 299 from Wiedamark

…Connected to a light source (LEDs), then activated by a battery or direct current, the result is a work of art. Set the slipcovers out on the chairs at your next outdoor gathering for a truly magical effect. Or, slip on the lighted handbag to make an entrance that won’t soon be forgotten. Though not for everyone, these illuminated accent pieces are elegant and fun and work best in settings with very little illumination…

More information, shop and additional images at: Wiedamark
Note: Wiedamark sells a broad range of innovative lighting product solutions including LED Wall washers, LED light bulbs, LED candles, LED wine buckets, LED pool & spa lamps, LED garden lights and Fiber Optic Lighting. Have a look around at their web site…

info via: Red Ferret

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