Travel: Pillow that hugs you through the night

img Travelodge pillow  In response to customers who find it difficult to sleep on their own when traveling solo, Travelodge has created “Cuddillow” a bespoke cuddling pillow which is two and half feet in length and has two arms for guests to snuggle into. The “Cuddillow” will be trialled in selected hotels of the chain throughout the UK and will be free of charge for guests to hire.

A survey of 2000 solitary travelers by the European budget hotel chain identified 57% of respondents felt lonely, sleeping without their partner when away from home. Sixteen per cent found it difficult to fall asleep and nine per cent of respondents felt scared sleeping on their own.

Respondents were also asked which celebrity they would most like to cuddle up to in bed. The poll revealed most men would want to cuddle up to Angelina Jolie, followed by Kelly Brook and Jennifer Aniston. For women it was Johnny Depp followed by George Clooney and Robbie Williams.

Other interesting statistics include:

  • 20% of men take teddy bears to bed when sleeping alone compared with 15% of women.
  • 8% of women spray their partners perfume on the bedding
  • 16% find it difficult to sleep without their partners.
  • 9% feet scared.

Wayne Munnelly, Travelodge Sleep Director said: “…Our research identified staying away on your own can be lonely, stressful and it plays havoc with your sleep routine. In response to our findings we have developed the “Cuddillow” – It’s a substitute hug to help you to get a good night sleep…

More information:
Travelodge press release

info via: Nothing To Do With Arbroath

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