Travel for the Super-Rich: First images of the A380-800 VIP (Flying Palace) interior

Business plane traffic is on the updraft as recently shown again with private plane traffic after the Superbowl this year.

With 10,000 private jets flying in the U.S. alone typically these airplanes carry between 6 – 20 people. But a few billionaire travelers are looking for something with “a bit more space“.

Recently, a new trend has emerged at the very top of the market: the conversion for private ownership of much larger and much more expensive jets – some that are normally associated with commercial airliners. These “private” planes now even include twin-aisle wide-bodies such as the 747, 767 and 777 and the soon to be available 787 and the biggest of them all the new Airbus A380-800.

A U.S.-based design company is nearing completion of an interior design for a prospective customer for the VIP version of the Airbus A380 “Flying Palace” and has released the first images to the public.

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link to Space A380 VIP web page

When looking at details within the images it appears that the prospective owner will come from the Arabic speaking world.

The Airbus A380 superjumbo double-decker jet – normally build to carry 555-passenger – might provide only limited use to its owners for the next years due to sparse docking availability even at major hubs around the world.

Believe us we really feel sooo sorry for those guys. Same problem – as we hear – has hit some owners of new above 100 meter megayachts; problems to find a mooring for their “toys”.

As if the world would not have any other problems…

info via:
More information also at:
Edese Doret’s web site

Update 20070316 9:00PST:
We found this video below with some more images even those are from a 787 they provide a good understanding what we are talking about here.

Click on the image for the jump (multimedia).

link to video

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