Internet: The Great Firewall of China

A non-profit group of web designers, film directors and journalists who want to make the Internet censorship system more transparent has put up a web site called the Great Firewall of China.

On the site you can test if a particular website address is blocked in China and see how the site looks from the perspective of a Chinese user.

It works by routing the requested url from the web site in Europe to their server in China. The server in China then opens the url and the result is send back. Currently the testing is only based on one server at one location in China. Different backup servers in different locations in China exist if one would go down and the group reminds users that other locations and other servers may give you different access to the various websites from within China.

The web site offers banners you could put on your site to support their cause and a discussion forum to provide feedback.

Click on the image for the jump.

link to Great Firewall of China web site

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