Land Rover get’s your Chelsea tractor carbon-neutral

img Land Rover Logo  Land Rover has today announced the first projects in its CO2 Offset Program to reduce greenhouse gases with projects in Tajikistan and China.

The first projects include a hydro-electric power plant in Tajikistan and a wind farm in China. Together these projects will offset 150,000 tons of CO2 a year. Further projects in Uganda, India, Turkey and the Dominican Republic are currently evaluated.

Customers of all new Land Rover vehicles sold in the UK from this year on will pay to offset the CO2 emissions produced by their vehicle, calculated on the certified CO2 emissions level for each Land Rover model up to 45,000 miles – a typical three years use.

Land Rover says its program is “…the largest and most comprehensive programme of its kind ever undertaken by an automotive manufacturer…

The CO2 Offset Program is run by Climate Care and overseen by an independent Board of Governance. Other offset schemes will be announced in due course.

More information:
Land Rover press release
CO2 Offset Program at the Land Rover web site.

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