Travel: Around the world in (more than) 80 days

In our societies where spending time on things you enjoy has become the ultimate luxury a couple from the UK has gone on a year long journey to do exactly this.

Ed Gillespie and his girlfriend Fiona King have just begun a year-long travel around the world. On their trip they will visit 20 countries and cover around 40,000 miles, but will at no point travel by plane.

Mr Gillespie, 34, and Miss King, 28, have mapped a route using 19 trains, seven ferries, five buses, three container ships and a banana boat. Mr Gillespie, who worked as environmental manager for London Transport before starting his own climate change company Futerra says by doing so they will reduce their carbon footprint for the trip from eight tonnes to slightly over one.

As shown on the map below their journey will take them from across Europe to Moscow, then to Ulan Bator on the Trans-Mongolian Express, into China and down through south-east Asia with stop-overs in Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. From there they will continue through Singapore, Australia and after a yacht passage to New Zealand, via cargo ship to Los Angeles.

The last section of their journey will include train and bus travels in South and Central America before they will get home on a banana boat from Costa Rica.

They estimate the total cost of the trip will be roughly GBP5,000 per person.

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via: Daily Mail

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