Gadgets: The Lettuce Safe

img SaladSafe  If you want to hide away your valuables where a burglar would never look for you can now use the “Head of Iceberg Lettuce Safe”.

It looks like a normal salad head but is actually a small safe.

While the fridge/freezer has been rather popular place to look for – remember all those Hollywood movies where the valuables have been hidden under the ice cubes – have you ever heard of someone stealing a lettuce form a house?

Tip: Wrap in cellophane with salad price tag from your supermarket for extra security…

Available from bim bam banana for USD 49.


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2 Responses to “Gadgets: The Lettuce Safe”

  1. Al (Coolest Gadgets) Says:

    Ha ha love the cellophane addition idea :).

  2. Michelle Chase Says:

    Check out the “Brief Safe”…