Geneva: Symbolic “Broken Chair” re-erected

The “Broken Chair” sculpture in front of the UN Buildings in Geneva, Switzerland – in our opinion one of the best art works to fight the use of land mines – has today been re-erected again.

Locals have told us that some people already got doubts if the sculpture will come back after the Place de Nation where the “Broken Chair” was a landmark object looked like a parking lot for more than a year.

We believe everybody working at the UN in Geneva will be happy to see it back.

img Broken Chair Geneva

…In September 1997, Handicap International unveiled the Broken Chair, a 12 meter high wooden sculpture in support of the global movement against land mines, outside of the Palais des Nations in Geneva. After a lengthy period of reconstruction during which the Chair was placed in storage, it will be reinstated as a reminder of the governments’ commitment to fully universalize and adhere to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty…

A reinstatement event will be held on 29-March-07.

More information at the International Campaign to Ban Landmines web site.

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