Gadgets: The A-List of iPod Skins and Cases

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Flashy and Bling-Bling Cases

The XtremeMac iBling Nano Case Kit

link to XtremeMac iBling Nano Case Kit

The kit comes with 750 sparkling stones that can be glued directly onto the two clear, snap-on shields. You can use any of the 12 included pattern templates or create your very own unique designs.

About GBP 22.5 (about USD 45).

Available from:

and also from:

The Crystalmini Cases

link to Crystalmini Cases
This case is handcrafted with Swarovski Crystals and is just one of the designs available.

About USD 800.

Available from:

The iPod Swarovski Crystal Covers

link to
“Hand Rocked” and made to order in the UK with over 800 genuine Swarovski Crystals.
Four designs to choose plus a gift box upgrade.

About GBP 50 (USD 100).

Available from:

The B2 miLites Cases

link to B2 miLites Cases
Each miLites is a protective graphic cover and these are flashing too.

Simply hold the miLites cover by the sensor switches and it will light up and flash in a variety of patterns.

About USD 20.

Available from: B2

The Griffin Disko Nano Cases

link to Griffin Disko Nano Cases
Griffin does flashy cases too. Polycarbonate shell, motion controlled with 3 light colors and 5 lighting sequences.

About USD 6.

Available from: Griffin

Please comment if you think we should have included a skin or case in that list. We’ve done our best but are only human too.

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