UK women are now officially the fattest in Europe

img Body Mass Europe Based on the authoritative Eurostat yearbook British women are now leading the chart of obesity of the EU’s 27 member countries.

Measured by the Body Mass Index that calculates a height to weight ratio – people are classified as obese if they weigh a fifth more than their ideal maximum weight.

A quarter of women and a fifth of men in the UK are now so overweight that their health is at serious risk.

The EU statisticians looked only at adult obesity, but previous studies have shown rates of child obesity are equally worrying.

By other EU statistics the UK is also the country that spends the least of available income for food implying when looking at the two statistics together that cheap food might “supersize” you.

In our opinion what is also alarming with the figures published by the EU that it only took about 15 years for a large group of former Eastern Block countries to catch up on obesity with their western counterparts.

via: The Daily Mail

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