UK: Batman’s car for sale

Ever wondered how it would feel to drive around in Batman’s car. Well now you’ve got a chance to find out.

One of the 1960s Batmobile created to promote the original Batman TV show is to be auctioned this month in London. The superhero’s car, said to be the sixth produced, is expected to sell for more than GBP75,000 (USD187,000) at Coys Spring Classics auction on February 27. Not all of the Batmobiles were fully functioning, but this example was built as a fully working vehicle. In reality, the car is almost 6 meters long.

The Batmobile going on sale was built by Jay Ohrberg of Jay Ohrberg Star Cars in Hollywood, California. Jay Orhrberg a well known movie car builders has created many special cars used in movies including the “Back to the Future” Delorean, the 1970′s Pink Panther’s car, Knight Riders KITT, as well as the other Batmobiles, the Batboat and numerous other Batman film vehicles.

Previously this Batmobile was part of the World famous “Cars of the Stars” collection which is widely considered to be the finest collection of film and television cars in the world. It resided alongside Batmobiles from the films “BATMAN” and “BATMAN RETURNS” as part of the worlds largest private collection of Batmobiles.

If you’re bank account says yes, you should get ready to say: “Batteries to power: Turbines to speed.”

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link to Coys auction lot page

More information at:
Coys Spring Auction Batmobile lot page
The Original 1966 Batmobile website

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