NASA: World Wind 1.4 released

img Globe NASA has released a new version of their virtual globe software called World Wind.

Also called by users of the software the “Google Earth killer“, this release brings many new features that are not available in other globe software packages.

Besides being able to fly-over the Moon and Mars, the software also allows to layer additional images from other servers over the surface of the globes. Other new features include a timer to simulate and synchronized the Sun’s position when using Sun Shading, to create time lapsed or reverse running movies, a WMS Importer and an Anaglyph 3D mode to see World Wind in true 3D with Red/Blue-glasses that are often given away for free.

User should have a computer with recent graphic support if they want to use resource hungry features like realistic Sun shading and Atmospheric Scattering that also allow to see simulated sun rises and sunsets. If you can run computer games like Oblivion or Half life 2 then you should also be able to use these features as well.

Have a look at their Wiki page to get a detailed overview of the new features.

The software can be downloaded for free and is made available as Open-Source. The source code is also available for developers.

A video (link below) is available online for those who want to see the new features or get a general overview without installing the software.

Click on the image for the jump (multimedia).

link to YouTube video

More information on World Wind can be found on the NASA project website and on the Bull’s rambles web log.

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