Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine from the Duvet-Dayz team to all of you.

img Valentine roses

images found on flickr.com

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    …but we could not let this day go by without saying Happy Birthday to David Robert Jones aka Thin White Duke aka Ziggy Stardust aka David Bowie. It’s his 60th birthday and we still don’t know if there is “Life on Mars” but maybe “Major Tom” will find that out for us. One thing’s for sure we are not “under pressure” to be “Heroes” anymore…

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    Happy Birthday Marianne, we say in broken English – before the poison. What a road you’ve walked and what a voice. Good luck, good health and we hope we hear many more songs from you…

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  5. Images: Be a tourist – show your pictures
  6. We couldn’t finish today’s design spree without Michael Hughes’ photos. The ones we liked most are shown below but you should check out the other images at Michael Hughes’ Flickr page – there are many more worth looking at. click on the image for the jump

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