Air-Traffic: Crowded Skies are soon to come

When you look at the image created by Smartskies you see how many so called corporate jets were leaving the Miami area after the Superbowl earlier this week.

And this is just the beginning. Today these private and business jets are only available for the top percentile. But as reported earlier Very Light Jets (VLJ) that will cost a fraction of the price of current jets to purchase and maintain will soon become available.

Already now sometimes airliners have to queue up and are delayed because at some hubs there are some many corporate jets in front of them. So next time you sitting around in your plane delayed and waiting for take off it might be because of the fat cats have to get out first.

Think of travel by bus or taxi – guess what’s quicker and who gets around first…

Click on the image for the jump.

link to smartskies image

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