WSJ: Eighth annual survey of U.S. corporations with the best and worst reputations

img WSJ survey Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal released its latest survey about corporate reputations.

Microsoft for the first time overtook long time leader Johnson & Johnson as company with the best reputation – due to the positive effects of Bill and Melinda Gates philanthropy. As the WSJ describes: “…Mr. Gates demonstrates how much the reputation of a corporate leader can rub off on his company…“.

Overall companies that “lived” business ethics and valued their employees scored high.

…Boosted by the philanthropy of Bill and Melinda Gates, Microsoft beat out Johnson & Johnson in the eighth annual survey of U.S. corporations with the best and worst reputations. Merck, Royal Dutch Shell and AT&T saw the biggest increase over 2005 in overall reputation as compiled by rankings on 20 different attributes. General Motors and Ford saw the biggest decrease in reputation rankings. And several other companies that didn’t qualify in 2005 — including Amazon, Whole Foods, Lowe’s and Berkshire Hathaway — ranked highly in 2006…

The full article, data and a video interview is available online at the Wall Street Journal web site.

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