Gadgets: ZINK portable Printer

img ZinkPrinter1 If you have a mobile phone with a camera you want one of those printers.

Zink Imaging has launched their new pocket size photo printer at DEMO in Palm Springs this week. It uses special paper with embedded dye crystals that are activated by heat from the printer. The outputs are wallet sized, water resistant 2×3-inch prints in photo quality.

The printer tray can hold up to ten papers internally and images are transfers via Bluetooth from mobile phones or other devices. The printer then downscales the images of up to 3MP internally to scale of the paper. Printing one photo takes about a minute (see video link below).

If the paper technology sounds somehow familiar to you this is because the company has purchased the ZINK technology, related IP, and physical assets, as well as hired the innovation team from Polaroid Corporation.

A 2×3-inch paper will cost about 20 cents and the printer is expected to be priced about USD 99 when it hits the stores later this year. The printer can be recharged via USB and one battery charge is said to allow for 20 prints.

Click on the image for the jump (multimedia).

link to YouTube video

Gizmodo has created a video showing the device in action (click on the image above for the jump) and has a image gallery with more pictures online.

info via: Ministry of Tech
info via: Gizmodo

img Zinkcamera Update 03-Feb-2007: Just watched the video presentation of Zink Imaging at Demo 2007. There they have also shown as a second soon to be available product a 7MP camera with built-in printer (see image). We are keen to try it out – great idea.

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