Stupid IT Moments (1): Disjoint Twins

Web log The daily WTF reports on a computer idiocy occurred with the Sun Life Canada insurance.

The software to register children did not allow to enter the same birth date for two children on one cover plan. Ever heard of twins?

…As the recent father of twin babies, Philip B. was relieved to learn that his employer’s benefit provider, Sun Life Canada, made the insurance process really simple. Adding the little ones on the plan required no more than a phone call to provide birth dates, names, and that sort of thing. All seemed so easy, until the customer service rep realized what Philip was trying to do: “I’m sorry sir, but we need a different birth date for each of your kids.”

It turns out that a new version of their software was installed that tracked each person’s budget based on their last name, plan number, and month/year of birth. Hence, having two people born in the same month and year on one plan would cause all claims to be booked against one of the two’s budget, risking a premature budget exhaustion.

Read the full article at The Daily WTF

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