Art: Underground artist Banksy gives away hi-res images of his work for free

UK underground artist Banksy who created quite an uproar with his exhibition in L.A. last autumn, has put up a series of high resolution images of his work for download from his web site.

Banksy, who’s painting are selling for above USD 100,000 lately, seems to have gotten fed up with all those selling pirated prints of his work on eBay.

Looks like pirates don’t like to get pirated themselves. Have a look for the “serving suggestion” on his site…

Click on the image for the jump.

link to banksy web site

More images and information:

Banksy’s web site

(1) Flickr stream for his Barely Legal Show

(2) Flickr stream for his Barely Legal Show


Banksy’s film page

We liked the videos from Disneyland and his Museum stunt the most.

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