Video: Wardriving meets Mainstream

What was once considered an underground way to get free bandwidth – driving around with a computer in a car and trying to find unprotected or otherwise open wireless Internet access points aka war driving – is now more and more being covered by mainstream media.

This time it’s BBC 3 with their Real Hustle series showing the basic of how it’s done. While in the early days of war driving the initiated could make sense and got information from chalk marks on walls similar to marks traveling people for centuries have left on houses, these days with widely available GPS receivers and mapping software on the web new ways to share such information are seemingly more popular.

In another video the same BBC 3 series has shown the basics and dangers of mobile phone bluesnarfing – taking control of someone’s mobile phone to make phone calls over Bluetooth without the owner of the phone even realizing (until the bill comes in).

Click on the image for the jump (multimedia).

link to YouTube video

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