Hello 2007

img Duvet-Dayz logo Hello and welcome back to Duvet-Dayz.com in 2007.
We are currently planning to introduce a set of new features for this site within the next 14 days:

  • Cleaning up the design of the site and some overdue repair of features that are not fully working in the moment.
  • New features like Microformats and geo-coding of posts – we have planned to implement these features earlier as you have potentially seen within the descriptions for each entry.
  • New weekly summaries for areas of interest.
  • More stories – we will try to keep a daily average of about 5 stories.

Many thanks again to all our readers for all the support in 2006. Nevertheless it would be great to receive more feedback and if you like a story please digg it or tell others.

All the best for 2007

The Duvet-Dayz.com team

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