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Some call it the best British comedy ever made or a “crash course in Contemporary Political Studies”.

While their are many more great British sitcoms like “Absolutely Fabulous” to name just one, after more then 25 years the BBC Yes Minister series are still so close to reality within many administrations or governments around the world that some countries are using it within the training of their diplomatic staff. And with most of the episodes you can’t stop laughing – if it all wouldn’t be so true.

Not much came even close to the “Yes Minister” comedy about the wheeling and dealing of political life and showing people how governments really work.

The only ones we could think about is Bremner, Bird and Fortune that is produced by Vera Productions for Channel Four since 1999 or Not the Nine O’Clock News that was created around 1980 like “Yes Minister”. We have only seen the early series of Bremner, Bird and Fortune but they were a blast.

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One of our favorites is the Compassionate Society episode where the minister has to resolve a situation with a new hospital that is staffed with 500 administrators and ancillary workers, but has no doctors, nurses or patients since more then 15 months due to limited financing.

Some quotes from this episode:

Jim Hacker: “You think it [St. Edward's hospital] is functioning now?”
Mrs. Rogers: “Minister, it is one of the best run hospitals in the country. It is up for the Florence Nightingale Award.”
Jim Hacker: “And what is to praise that?”
Mrs. Rogers: “It is won by the most hygienic hospital in the area.”

Sir Ian Whitchurch: “First of all, you have to sort out the smooth running of the hospital. Having patients around would be no help at all.”
Sir Humphrey: “They just be in the way.”

Sir Humphrey: “Minister, you said you wanted the administration figures reduced, didn’t you?”
Jim Hacker: “Yes.”
Sir Humphrey: “So we reduced the figures.”
Jim Hacker: “But only the figures, not the number of administrators.”
Sir Humphrey: “Well of course not.”
Jim Hacker: “Well that is not what I meant.”
Sir Humphrey: “Well really Minister, one is not a mind-reader, is one? You said reduce the figures, so we reduced the figures.”

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