Year End Wishes: The box of chocolate

As we are getting closer to the end of the year it is getting high time to think about new year’s resolutions and what we hope the next year would bring.

But sometimes these thoughts are understood wrongly as this supposedly true story tells us…(first version is attributed to Bill Bryson)

In the weeks before Christmas the British Embassy in Paris is called by a French newspaper: What does the Ambassador wish for Christmas? – Thinking that it might be inappropriate for him to accept a gift from the Press, the ambassador said that he didn’t think that it was a very good idea. However, the newspaper reporter insisted and said that they are asking all ambassadors, and in the end the ambassador replied that he wanted a small box of chocolate mints.

The newspaper reporter seemed a little puzzled by this answer, but they ended the conversation and the ambassador thought nothing more of it.

Later that month, on Boxing Day, the ambassador was reading the newspaper when he found the following article:

Before Christmas, we asked four foreign ambassadors what they wanted for Christmas. The Italian ambassador said that he wanted world peace and an end to suffering, the German ambassador said that he wanted a cure for cancer, the American Ambassador’s Christmas wish is for freedom and free trade, and the British ambassador said that he wanted a small box of chocolate…

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