Comedy: Viral Learning Center

This is funny. Just what we were all waiting for.
A bogus DeVry like school that teaches John Doe how to make a successful viral video. Techniques and topics include:

  • Filming yourself sitting at your desk
  • The art of falling
  • Hurting yourself, others or animals
  • Using animals to hurt people
  • Eastern European dance routines

and many more…

See for yourself and “Don’t Wait…Start Today!

Click on the image for the jump (multimedia)

link to YouTube video

The above image is seemingly from their “hurting others” lesson
Have a look at their “learning material” in the library starting with “P” (around 2:00 min)

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2 Responses to “Comedy: Viral Learning Center”

  1. Dolly Says:

    i like this picture! ;) but… I still prefer watching Piano Briefs :))

  2. jacelyn L Says:

    great picture! think I’m gonna watch Piano Briefs now lol