Virtual Reality: Fullscreen Panoramas

Hans Nyberg from and Marco Trezzini of have teamed up to create the web site

Together they have collected and created ten thousands of QuickTime Virtual Reality and Java panoramas. They see as a first step towards establishing high quality fullscreen QuickTime Virtual Reality as a standard for photographic virtual reality exploration on the Internet.

The web site contains piles of full screen panoramas like the view from the top of Mount Everest and other mountains, travelling The Grand Canyon & Colorado River, moon and mars panoramas, virtual travels to various cities, 360-degrees of games like Doom, Need for Speed, etc. Also have a look at their extreme section if you ever wanted to know what you see from a ultralight plane or when your going down with a para-glider in the mountains.

You need to have Apple Quicktime or Java installed on your computer to watch the panoramas.

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