Winter: Best Extreme Skiing Videos on YouTube

img skiing mini Top Gear We are getting ready for the new skiing season, so to warm up from home the best Extreme Skiing Videos we found on YouTube.

There is some awesome action, incredible jumps, steep runs and lots of snow.

What we were looking for:
Extreme action, fun, big mountain riding, level of skiing, snow, quality of video, idea

What we were NOT looking for:
Guys in costumes going skiing, animal skiing, going down a rail with skies ten times, doing the same jump over and over again, etc.

We also wanted to prove that there is some good stuff on YouTube (while not easy to find).

Images and links after the jump

Deep Metal Mechanic Music Video

link to YouTube video Ski 01

This is actually a clip for a Swiss-Romande Metal Rock band, but the video is an absolute must see for its ski scenes.

We know some of the places where the guy skies down and boy you need courage to even slowly get down there. (You should also not be afraid of heights because on top of some of the cliffs there is barely enough space to put both of your skies on the ground)

Must watch absolute blast.

Teton / Jackson Hole videos

With the tram not running anymore in Jackson Hole it might take a bit longer to get high up. But with hundreds of inches of show (we hope) again this year these videos give you an impression what to expect at Matt Combs and the other areas of the Teton Range.

Deep Snow

link to YouTube video Ski 02

Some of the scenes looked rather familiar to us from an outstanding YouTube skiing video we’ve seen about 1 year ago (not online anymore).

Anyway if you like deep snow this one is for you.

One Line – Ben Krasnow

link to YouTube video Ski 04

There are a few good reasons why the guy in this movie took full mountaineering gear and ropes with him. Ben Krasnow skis a harrowing line on Cody Peak in the Jackson Hole backcountry.

He actually skies down from the top right corner of the image shown here.

It’s one of those rides: you fall – you die.

If you want to refresh your knowledge of mountaineering knots have a look at these animated online tutorials
(We assume that you are an experienced and trained mountain climber otherwise consult a school first).

Some other Teton / Jackson Hole videos

The trailers from Storm Show:

For the love of skiing(not done)

Also check out the Teton Gravity Research web site.

Ski jumping pairs

link to YouTube video Ski 08

A video that actually should not be included here but it’s such a great idea and animation. And it’s funny and skiing too.

Good example for Japanese humor

Some more in a second video

Ski Freeride Part 1 + 2

link to YouTube video Ski 06

Some pretty impressive footage of Vice World Champion A. Ducroz’s runs in Verbier.

I’ve done a few of these hills myself and what he does here between the sharp rocks of Verbier is absolutely outstanding – watch it.

Part 2 is absolutely awesome…

Link to Part 1
Link to Part 2

More videos and photos at A. Ducroz’s web site.

More Verbier world championship : Xtreme Verbier 2006

Ski-Gliding the Mount Eiger

link to YouTube video Ski 03

This is actually not only skiing but everybody knowing the mount Eiger can tell that it’s pretty extreme what the guy does here.

There is a higher resolution version of the video at the arco base web site with more infos on the people who have done the video.


link to YouTube video Ski 05

It’s just a trailer but 4 min action from an excellent Telemark Movie.

The shorter version of a trailer for the same movie is called Obsession.

Another great but short telemark video is Josh Madsen — Freeheel Freerider.


link to YouTube video Ski 07

Great cuts and music with skiing action from the season 05/06.

Oakley ski

link to YouTube video Ski 09

8 minutes of absolute awesome jumps and rides – a classic.

Ski jump!

link to YouTube video Ski 10

As the name says – one amazing big jump.

One reader has pointed us to Julian Carr’s cliff jumping video where he explains (and shows) how and why jumps with drops of more then 100ft can be done on skie. (…Don’t try this at home…: The guy is a trained professional and is wearing massive body armor. Like with ski jumping this requires long training otherwise you might die or a wheelchair will become your way to move around.

Best others:

New School SKI

Extreme Skiing 60ft cliff drop

Warren Miller’s OFF THE GRID (Just the trailer but…)

This is snowboarding

Illuminati Team Loop

Chamonix Mont-Blanc 8min powder riding on the Grands Montets and Mont Blanc – when the h*** was there such good snow last year – they must have been walking up when the tram was not running.

Lynsey Dyer: skier girl This is her promo clip. Also have a look at her web site

Mammoth Edit-Steve Stepp,Tom Wallish

There are quite a few sites like that show you some teasers on YouTube or otherwise online to get you to buy their videos, but we were looking for videos that show the action. (Studio411 shows a bit more online for their Push video)

And we couldn’t go without Top Gear’s Winter Olympics special event. They shoot down a rocket boostered Mini Cooper over the ski jump in Lillehammer. (small image at the beginning of the story)

We will in a second part create a list with the best videos from all the other web sites.

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