UK: Horse Rustling is coming back

img pinto horse According to UK newspaper the Daily Telegraph horse rustling is becoming big business in Britain (again).

Once considered deeply unfashionable, piebald (black and white) and skewbald (any other color and white) horses are now the prime target for gangs and the growth in thefts has led to predictions of the worst year on record for rustling.

These horses have gained substantially in popularity – both in Europe and America – and a traditional colored cob can now cost up to USD 120,000 in America. This promises huge profits with only USD 6,500 cost to transport it across the Atlantic.

The International League for the Protection of Horses (ILPH), a charity with officers in Britain and America, is saying that thieves are using loopholes to secure documents for stolen animals, by transporting them to other European countries together with legally owned horses and then flying them to the US.

Detective Inspector David Collings, an equine liaison officer with Hampshire Police, said it was relatively easy to get stolen horses out of the country. …Horses are a thieves’ paradise. When stolen ones are mixed in with others, it is very difficult to detect…

Helen Evans, a co-ordinator for Horsewatch, which monitors the thefts, said: …We’re heading for our worst year on record…

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