Art: Manhole covers in Japan

We got interested when we saw the great selection of Japanese manhole covers from Flickr streams by

After a quick search around we found many more and learned that there are even web sites dedicated to images of manholes around the world. The picture below is just a selection of the excellent photos by the Japanese Manhole Group on Flickr. One of the best sites we found is Frangipani’s Japanese Manhole pages. Also have a look at the other links below.

Some of these ironworks definitely qualify as art and it is interesting to see how such an object of utility has stimulated creativity and difference in countries around the world. While for manholes in countries like Germany or Austria function determines design in many other countries there is a strong decorative element used. And as these manhole covers often are around for a very long time the can also tell and are becoming part of the history of cities.

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link to Flickr group

More information at: Sewers of the World, Unite!, a web site with photos from manhole covers around the world, on Flickr
Mosaic of Manhole covers
Manhole Cover Study
Japanese Manhole Cover Group on Flickr

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