Video: Life-Space-Invaders and Life-Pong

Guillaume Reymond, head of the Swiss communication agency NOTsoNOISY had a great idea for their participation in the 2006 Belluard Bollwerk International festival in Fribourg.

After their success with Life-Pong in 2005 they got almost 70 people together and created a Life version of arcade game classic Space Invaders. Unfortunately the videos are not shown on their web site anymore, but after looking around a bit we found them on the web (links below).

So if its one of those rainy Saturdays again and you don’t know what to do, get hundred people together and create a small video. Guillaume has so far only used two ideas but their are many more to go…

click on the images for the jump (multimedia)

link to Life Pong Videolink to Life Space Invaders Video

More information on the NOTsoNOISY web site.

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