Christmas shopping for the egotist: Get a Personal Madame Tussauds Wax Figure

img MTussauds modellingIt seems to be good times for all our self-centered contemporaries who now also can get their kind of share of importance.

I-Want-One-of-Those has started to take orders for so called “Personal Madame Tussauds wax models”. For the “negligible” amount of USD 270,000 you can now commission the wax artists of the Tussauds group to immortalize you.

A team of twenty people will then create your sculpture over a period of four months. If you don’t have time to go through all the sittings in London, the sculptors will be able to progress with research photos. And your money will also buy you a DVD, photos of the creation process and a team will transport and install your wax figure in your chosen private location. Well this is the “small” drawback of the “personal” in the product. The sculpture will not be going on display in one of the Tussauds groups locations around the world – for this you still have to be famous.

More information at the I-Want-One-of-Those web site.

We don’t know how much more you have to top up if you want yourself displayed together with another “famous” person – lets say – you and the Queen (or Julia Roberts) sitting on a garden bench. Well that’s your call….

And could one of our readers kindly find out if the Tussauds team would be willing to put a wick into it. With the right mordanting this could become the perfect treat for the well minted lonely wife who then can enjoy many romantic candle light dinners together with her husband…

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