Best News Picture Galleries on the Web

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Historic and all time famous pictures

TopFoto: Next week in History

link to TopFoto: Next week in History
TopFoto: Next week in History is a photo gallery of historic events that happened in the coming week during the years before.

Topfoto also has a gallery with images of Defining moments in history

Pulitzer Newseum

link to Pulitzer Newseum
Pulitzer Newseum provides a multimedia gallery with photos and commentary from the photographer telling the story of the pictures. The gallery has entries starting from the year 1945.

There is also a gallery with images of the current annual price winners on the Pulitzer web site.

Life: 100 photographs that changed the world

link to Life: 100 photographs that changed the world
Life: 100 photographs that changed the world is a gallery of the most famous 100 photographs selected by the Life magazine.

The most famous photographs

link to The most famous photographs
The most famous photographs is a photo gallery with a selection of the 60 most famous images.

World Press 50 years gallery

link to World Press  50 years gallery
World Press 50 years gallery is the gallery of 50 years of World Press Photo award winners.

We tried to find all the best sites but we might have overlooked some. Please leave a comment if you think we should include a web site on this list.

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