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img Photo galleries small You can read your daily news online or via RSS but there is another way to get informed (and get your daily dose of news pictures).

Major media agencies and news papers also provide daily or weekly updated news in pictures. Quite a few of them have even added spoken comments to the pictures so you get some background information together with the images. And often you get multiple images for a news story where otherwise only one of these pictures is included with a longer text.

The services we included in the list below are the largest providers and often the source for other news and media sites. They cover news on a global level but some have also regional information.

We have broken the list down into the following four sections:
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Daily picture sources

Yahoo! News photos and slide shows

link to Yahoo! News photos
Yahoo! News aggregates news pictures together with stories into slide shows for the following categories.

Top Stories, Top Photos, World, Entertainment, Sports, Politics, Business, Technology, Science, Health, Lifestyle, Odd News and currently also Iraq.

Each category can also be read via RSS and additionally pictures from these categories are grouped by Editors’ Picks, Most Emailed, Most Viewed and Highest Rated.

Reuters Pictures

link to Reuters photos
Reuters Pictures web site provides “picture stories” and the daily “Editors choice” with a selection of the best pictures from the last 24 hours.

Picture stories are slide shows that contain the news text and a series of pictures – most of the times many more than other news reports.

Reuters is additionally providing up-to-the-minute pictures for the (Top) News, Sports and Entertainment categories normally around a few hundred per category / day. Each of the pictures also has a short text describing it.

AP Images

link to AP Images
AP Images has a “Photos of the day” slide show with the best pictures from AP photographers. Each picture is described with a short text summary.

National Geographic

link to National Geographic news
National Geographic’s News front page provides access to “Photos in the News” picture slide shows and “Video in the news” stories.

Additionally the site contains a Photo of the Day page and the daily image is also available as a wallpaper.

Slate Pictures

link to Slate Pictures
Slate Pictures web site is produced by the Magnum Photos agency.

There is a “Picture of the day” gallery plus high quality “interactive photo essays” produced with text and sound for specific topics. Magnum Photos also provides selected images for a book of the week and from his photographers.

AFP News / Photo gallery

link to AFP News / Photo
AFP News / Photo gallery provides a slide show with the best daily pictures from AFP. These images are now also (partly) included in the Yahoo! News Pictures services as a separate category (see above).

Washington Post: Day in Photos

link to WP day in photos
Washington Post : Day in Photos is a slide show with the best photos of the day as selected by the editors of the news paper. The Washington Post also provides video documentaries and news videos.


link to DailyNewsPix
DailyNewsPix is the online photo archive of the New York Daily News. It provides an archive with photographs dating back to 1880 and is updated daily with the latest news, celebrities and sports.

WireImage (Celebrity photos)

link to WireImage
WireImage contains daily celebrity photos of over 2,000 photographers within the entertainment, sports, and news industries.

We tried to find all the best sites but we might have overlooked some. Please leave a comment if you think we should include a web site on this list.

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