Casino Royal: l’art du déplacement

img Parkour With Sebastien Foucan playing the villain in 007- Casino Royal and Luc Besson’s District-B13 with David Belle having just arrived in the US a few weeks ago more popularity will be drawn to Parkour, free running, urban free flow or Yamakasi as the “art” behind the incredible stunts in these movies is called.

I can still remember the astonishment of people when they learned after watching “Jump London” the first documentary shown to a wider audience, that all the jumps are done without wires or any other support.

And it is impressive how those guys jump, roll, bend or climbing walls up and down. 20 seconds to get down from the 6th floor of a house (on the outside walls). And the same time to get up onto the roof.

Following some pointers for those who want to find out a bit more about this:

Parkour movies / documentaries

(documentary) Jump London
(movie) Yamakasi—Les samouraï des temps modernes
(movie) Banlieue 13 / District B-13
(online documentary) French TV: Parkour – David Belle – Yamakasi
(+1h online documentary) French TV: Generation Yamakasi

Stories / Background

Wikipedia on Parkour
David Belle’s web site
Sebastien Foucan’s web site

Online videos

Trace Elements
Dvinsk Clan-Le Parkour
Parkour Collection

There are many more online videos – YouTube came back with more then 13,000 results but as usual dozens are the same. We selected the best ones we found.

More information
David Belle’s web site
Sebastien Foucan’s web site

The picture above is from Luc Besson’s movie Banlieue 13 showing David Belle

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