Top Weirdest Web Sites that are Fun

There are many so called weird site lists or directories on the web. Most of them when we had a closer look are rather lame, historic or just point to some picture sites. So we did our own.

And we found many interactive, crazy, wacky, nonsense sites that are fun to watch (and are not on these lists). Have a try.

screenshots and links after the jump

Boohbah Zone

link to Boohbah Zone
Stunning – you will love it. Let them dance and play music by clicking on one of the “creatures”

bing-bing- bing-bah – well you’ll see

Hyperactive Machine

link to Hyperactive Machine
A must see – Try the key sequence V-F-D-D-E to warm up.

Weird Al” Yankovic site

link to Al Yankovic web site
The official Al Yankovic web site.

Everything you always or never wanted to know about Al. You can see some of his videos at Jib-Jab (our next contestant)


link to Jib Jab web site
Gregg and Evan Spiridellis still have some of the funniest but also some of the weirdest stuff on their web site.

Our favorite remains This land!

link to
ASCII art at its best but also weirdest.


link to
A site similar in concept to

Group hug

link to
Online confession site.

There is a more saucy version of it on the web but it’s in German.

The world smallest web site

link to
What the name says.

Try out their miniature version of pong.

You’re the Man now Dog

link to
Do people actually create this stuff?

Noodle coaster is one of their best contributions.

The Onion

link to
An all time classic.

Satirical, often funny but many times also quite weird.

Darwin Awards

link to
The Darwin Awards salute the improvement of the human genome by honoring those who, uh, remove themselves from it…

Dull Men’s Club

link to
a bit “dull” but then what would you expect…

Emotion Eric

link to
You request an emotion and the guy will try and act it out for you.

Runners up:

We tried to find all the best sites but we might have overlooked some. Please leave a comment if you think we should include a web site on this list.

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  1. Miss Cellania Says:

    Excellent choices! Someday, when I grow some talent, my site will be on the list.

  2. Sten57964 Says:

    I haven’t gotten anything done recently. I’ve just been hanging out doing nothing. I haven’t been up to anything these days, but it’s not important. Today was a total loss.