Weekend activity: Do something with that old printer

img old printer small Over the years most of us have gathered at least two printers at home and some of us got quite a collection of them.

Latest since prices have drop so much it often does financially make no sense to get that old boy going again.
And with that new printer you have it’s most unlikely that you would go back to half the resolution of the old one. So it’s collecting dust in your closet since quite some time – but what to do with it?

Our three suggestions to you:

1. Get rid of it – meaning bringing it over to the nearest recycling center
2. You could clean it up and get it back running and give it to charity
3. You can turn it into something else

I guess for option one you don’t need any further tips or advise from us, that’s something you did know since long. But for the other two options we would like to point you to some step by step instructions over at the great Make: Blog. Both obviously will only work if you have some tools and enjoy taking things apart. If your printer is still within the warranty period you might think about these steps twice as they most likely void the warranty.

(A) Cleaning and getting your printer back running:
HOW TO – Clean a dirty old printer
Instructables: Clean Old Deskjet

(B) Turn it into something else:
DIY: Strip an inkjet printer for parts
Old printer = bread box

There are lots of pictures, step by step instructions and further information at these links. Below the picture of an old ink jet turned into a bread box. Some have created other things from their printers (it of course depends on the model). You can also just take it apart for fun to see whats inside if its not working anymore and you want to dump it anyway.

Please be advised that some printers have sharp edges inside that could cause injuries. And ink stains have a tendency to last on your most loved shirt for very, very long…

Besides that, have fun and enjoy doing something.

Click on the image for the jump

link to Make: web site

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