Starbucks: It’s Red Again campaign

Don’t take this post as a blunt advertisement for lattes, motchas or cappuccinos. This year’s Starbucks Christmas campaign is called It’s Red Again.

“It’s Red Again” is an interesting mixture of promotion and social experiment. It aims to inspire people to pass along the Holiday tradition of kindness. Starbucks President and CEO Jim Donald together with a crowd of supporters kicked off the campaign in New York City today. It started with handing out more than 8,000 “acts of cheer” from a complimentary subway MetroCard or New York Times and bags of coffee or vouchers. And of course there were free hot beverages too.

Besides the things that will be going on in stores all around the world, Starbucks invites everybody to use their online campaign site. There you can send Voice-Cards by either uploading your greetings or recording them through the phone, you can fill in your “CheerPass” and send it to someone, and there is a section where you can learn and share Christmas traditions. The whole site is done with a lot of effort and great to even only browse through.

Have a look at It’s Red Again and

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link to Its Red Again site

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