Rant of the day: 20061107

For today a little puzzle:
It’s voting time all around in the US today so let’s look a bit into the future:
You’ve got that all-shiny-high-tech new passport the state department just started to hand out. Yes we know you’re still waiting for that RFID – Crypto (clipper 2) chip cover but you like the new look the guys over at C street have told you all about.

Now it has also become mandatory in the US – like in most European countries – to identify yourself with a passport when voting at a poll station. But you’re very confident after all these issues, stories and problems with the voting machines in 2006 that this time nothing can go wrong. “They” have looked into it – you’ve seen it on “MasterTube” at the I-Net where it got a full 10 star recommendation – and even auntie Sophie on her old TV knows about it. After all you just want to exercise your democratic right as a citizen and vote.

Now with the all new voting machines nothing can go wrong any more. And all those critics got a chance to review them and everybody is happy – so “they” tell.

Now the question: Did you get suspicious when the guy at the poll station came into the cabin a third time telling you – to safeguard your right as a citizen- please cast your vote again?

It took quite some time until the two of you found out that the aluminum foil wrapped BLT-sandwich auntie Sophie gave you was the reason that you could not exercise your rights as a citizen. Just after you took it out of that pocket where you also keep the passport – thanks again to this nice guy at the polling station – everything went on just as planned.

Actually the question should have been: How was the BLT that you’ve really earned after the voting?

(the title of this post is Rant of the Day – just DON’T get us wrong….)

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Extra brownie points:
Part (A)
What is the maximum distance for two devices communicating wireless so that – technically reliable – their signal could only be picked up inside a polling station. – No you clever ones – seen a metal detector lately at a polling station. You are not able to bring any electronic devices (including mobile comm-sats aka The Phone) inside. To see that you know the answer we would also like to know the best wavelength and/or frequency used so that the signal can’t penetrate the walls (now we’ve really given it away).

Part (B) How would you encapsulate on a lower layers of the new protocol cube a mash network that allows you to use idle bandwidth of nearby devices for passing on simultaneously collected information of voting computers and passive elements like RFIDs. Don’t give us that OSI stack emulation crap the user is classified to see with development knowledge. You’re allowed to use different frequencies etc for that part of the communication (guess why). Full unrestricted access to all information sources on the I-Net is available through the interface device (computer) in front of you for this test only. Non-disclosure agreements have been provide to you that will be collected before you can commence with this part of the exam.

Master question: Would it require new technological innovations to implement such device(s) or just a political decision (Not more then 300 words please)

Technology savvy readers: Imagine yourself at a “test for the best” exam. And this is the text you received. All others eat you BLT – no really – that’s really not fair to those who believe nothing can’t be because you don’t see, smell, feel or hear it – but having said that BLT isn’t that bad after all as well (but only if it’s crispy hey-hey).

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