Design: Great animations online (1)

We had a look around for you to find some great animations and visualizations that anybody interested in design or art might like to watch. It’s quite impressive what’s out there on the web. There are many more but for this week lets start with the following five movies and sites.

Click on the images to watch the movies.

link to Giant Steps animation

Giant Steps

This great two minute movie visualizes the music from John Coltrane. Michal Levy has created it as part of his graduation project for the “The Academy of Arts and Design”, Bezalel.

link to Psyop anthem

Psyop Anthem

The people behind this short movie are N.Y. city based Psyop. These are the guys who also created the fabulous Coca-Cola animation that starts with a coin running from a vending machine into a fantasy world. To view the movie, go to
Propaganda -> Psyop Anthem.

Check their archives for many more great animations including the Coca Cola one.

link to Gallery of Computation

Gallery of Computation

This is a gallery of Java applets drawing graphic images based on algorithms.

There is a whole series of really fabulous ones – we liked the substrate, sand traveler, bubble chamber and box fitting most. Lots to explore. All images can be drawn in different sizes.

link to Dove Evolution

Dove Evolution

If you haven’t watched this one already, it’s a must see.

Reginald Pike’s Yael Staav and Ogilvy’s Tim Piper are showing you the steps from human being to the Dove billboard image in 60 seconds.

link to Tokyo Plastic

Tokyo Plastic

Tokyo Plastic’s Little Fella while around since some time is still winning international awards. Check out their shop and the opera animation as well.

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