Christmas shopping for the ultra-rich (1)

img NMarcus 01 Christmas is approaching fast so we want to contribute our part and support a group of our society – often overlooked – but in real need.

In a brief series we will provide some suggestions to those that are now discovering that this year again has already gone by while they still trying to find out how it started and in particular to those that already know (from last year) that a 20 ct diamond might not be the best idea for their girlfriend / wife this year again.

Yes (if you’re still with me), we are talking about those who have so much that money should buy happiness if they would just know where to shop. And that’s exactly where we come in and will provide some help.

So when we recalled for ourselves that it’s Christmas time soon we did remember that Neiman Markus every year in their fabulous Christmas book besides catering for us more mortals with little gadgets for a couple of hundreds thousands dollars also has a special section for those – you know – the others.

So we went along and here is our selection of the must haves this year from the Neiman Markus Christmas book. And hurry up because surprisingly these items sell out quicker then the rest of the catalog:

img NMSpaceTrip If you always had the feeling the world is not big enough and you wanted to take your buddies for a ride – no this one is for real – you can take 5 of your friends on a six person charter space trip.

Neiman Marcus says that this gift package is …genuinely out of this world… so if you want to …try to find the man in the moon… and you are ready to put down USD 1,764,000.00 you can enjoy celebrating with Richard Branson and get ready for a flight with SpaceShipOne operated by Virgin Galactic. But it’s actually going to be on SpaceShipTwo…

Expected departure in 2009

img NMCart What if sports and speed is your thing? Well Neiman Marcus can help. With the 95hp GG Quad you can achieve a max. speed of about 115mph. This 4-weel bike is build by the GG Quad factory in Ballwil, Switzerland and guarantees a show off almost everywhere you go.

Yours for USD 56,465.00.

img NMBMW Rumor has it that the NM limited edition BMW M6 Convertible is already sold out (after a few hours). Only 50 of these 500hp black beauties will be build and for the price of USD 137,000.00 a trip to Munich (for two) is included with a tour of the factory to meet the engineers and designers behind the car.

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