UK: Road signs hacked

img road sign small On Thursday last week thousands of commuters driving to work in Crawley, West Sussex got a special greeting in the morning.

Digital roadside signs that usually inform about parking availability, instead told visitors to “F*** off”. The message appeared on all similar signs around Crawley at about 6.45am and the Council declared that hackers gained remote access to their computers.

UK newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” is associating the act on their web site with the US-based online community TOTSE.

…Our IT staff had the message removed by 9.05am. I think people realise that this was not the work of the council, but we apologise for any offence. Some people found it rather amusing… a council spokesperson said.


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4 Responses to “UK: Road signs hacked”

  1. Arcasa Says:

    This was a TOTSE attack.TOTSE is everywhere.

  2. Gus Says:

    Hah! I doubt anyone from totse could pull off such a simple job. And those that do are too smart to waste their time on this, or just trying to frame us. Of course, though, if people took the time to look at’s forum to see where all of this is being planned…

  3. DarkMessiah Says:

    TOTSE’s website hasnt been active in ages…

  4. Kandis Beery Says:

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