Adobe: Small footprint PDF & ebook reader getting ready

img ADBE library Yesterday Adobe has launched the public beta of Digital Editions, a new Flash-based reader of digital content. Digital Editions, built from the ground up as a lightweight, Rich Internet application (RIA), supports both the PDF file format and a XHTML-based reflow format that can adjust content depending on screen size.

The Digital Editions download is only 2.5 MB including Adobe Flash Player 9. The application will require the Flash player plug-in to run within web browsers (This feature is not supported in the current initial beta). The product is designed to support next generation digital publications that allow interactions by incorporating Flash and other rich media. With Digital Editions Adobe does not intend to replace the heavy Reader – PDF interactive forms, JavaScript, digital signatures, 3D, and annotations will not be supported – it might more likely replace Flash Paper.

The initial beta is for developers and (very) early adapters of the technology and not intended for end users / production. A set of ebook and graphics file formats that will be supported in the final version are not implemented yet- you can for example not read Google book PDFs. We suggest that you read the Online FAQ before installing this beta version.

Adobe Digital Editions is currently only available for MS Windows. A Mac version is under development and will be released soon. Adobe plans to have the final production version of Digital Editions ready in early 2007.

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