Electronic Paper: One step closer with Plastic Logic’s new display

img plastic logic 01 UK based Plastic Logic today announced its latest 150dpi flexible display technology. It is demonstrating it this week during the Plastic Electronics conference in Frankfurt, Germany.

Electronic Paper displays are displays with paper-like high contrast appearance, ultra-low power consumption, and are thin and flexible together with being much lighter compared to today’s screens. They give the viewer the experience of reading from paper, while having the power of updatable information.

Plastic Logic is developing mass manufacturing processes for so called printed plastic electronic circuits. The processes are using E-Ink’s technology. With its new display Plastic Logic has now achieved a 50 per cent higher resolution then previously possible with these displays.

Plastic Logic expects to be ready for mass production of its 10”, 150dpi SVGA (800×600) displays during 2008. The technology is promizing thin, light and robust displays for the future.

Plastic Logic is a Cambridge University spin-off created in 2000 with about 55 employees today. Its founders include Intel, BASF, Dow Chemical, Mitsubishi Corp., Siemens and Seiko Epson.

img plastic logic2

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