Motionposter: Best advertising idea since years

img runner metroVista When you recently looked out a subway train window in a tunnel and you’ve seen a runner or a blond girl taking over the train you were watching a new type of advertising displayed with MotionPoster’s new advertising system.

It works by installing 192 backlit poster images in the tunnel and turning them on with a sensor system that checks the speed of the passing by train so that each poster is lit exactly when a train window is besides it.

img runner metroVista2
To create the impression of a movie an effect similar to that of a flip-book is used and the system is able to adapt the display sequence if the train accelerates or slows down. Basically it works like a movie only that the audience is moved and not the film.

The system is currently getting installed in various countries around the globe and a series of top brands have already started to use it. In Germany it costs about USD 35,000 to show ads for 4 weeks.

Don’t miss out on the videos showing how it works:
(1) A longer video showing the system and some advertising campaigns is on the Aap web site
(2) A series of 13 short clips showing the different campaigns is on the Motionposter web site.

img MetroVista 2

More information can be found on the MotionPoster and the Aap! web sites

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