Nokia: Ever wanted to see who’s calling you?

img Nokia HS13W Did you ever wanted to know who is just calling you on your mobile phone? With Nokia‘s new HS-13W headset you can not only see the number it shows an image with it.

It’s a Bluetooth headset with an ear plug, but the interesting part is the 128 x 128-pixel 4,096-color display you can hang around your neck. It does not require to attach any wires to your phone and the display shows the entries in your phonebook, or caller ID information, so you can see who’s calling you without fishing for your phone. The device also allows you to interact with your phone with a 5-way joystick and includes a simple text editor for your phonebook. It can store up to 250 contacts plus 500KB of pictures.

You can also show text messages or images on the display as a slide show. I guess thats a feature that provides a lot of open space for many different uses…

Features in details:

  • 128 x 128, up to 4,096 colors display
  • Up to 5 hours on, up to 150 hours standby operation time
  • 500 KB for images, 250 names with 2 numbers each for phone book
  • Color display shows phonebook or caller ID information
  • Wireless handsfree call handling
  • View and share text or images on the 128 x 128-pixel color display – one by one, or a slide show
  • Speaker-independent voice dialing accepts commands from multiple people
  • Simple text editor for editing phonebook, naming images, or creating display texts

Nokia is offering the HS-13W headset for about USD 300 in the US.

Compatible phones:
img Compatible phones HS-13W

via OhGizmo

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