Weekend activity: Cloud spotting

img cloudwatcher book With the weekend coming up we would like to suggest to you something different: Cloud watching or cloud spotting as its also called by UK based Pretor-Pinney who has founded the Cloud Appreciation Society. The society now has about 5000 members from 39 countries.

38 year old Oxford University graduate Pretor-Pinney who calls himself a former science nerd has been obsessed with clouds since childhood.
…Cloud watching is like a form of meteorological mediation. It slows down your pace because clouds move at a slower pace than things down on the ground. It is a beneficial thing for our souls…
he says.

…At The Cloud Appreciation Society we love clouds, we’re not ashamed to say it and we’ve had enough of people moaning about them…

Members share photos of clouds that look like animals, objects, show beautiful effects, or just extraordinary formations. You can join the society for a minimal postage and administration fee and receive your very own official membership certificate and badge.

If you looking for some inspiration or guidance how to start this unusual hobby have a look at Pretor-Pinney recently published book the “The Cloudspotters’s Guide (available in the US and Europe).

The Cloud Appreciation Society web site has a gallery with hundreds of great photographs with interesting cloud formations (some shown as thumbnails below).

img cloud thumbnails

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