Basic Steganography How-To: Hide files in JPEGs

Its actually not steganography, the files are embedded in plain text or easily identifiable as such, but The Tech Tray has put up a nice tutorial how to hide files within JPG graphic files.

Its a step-by-step guide that almost everybody with a MS Windows computer should be able to follow successfully. See for yourself….

P.S. If there’s anybody out there interested into more sophisticated solutions I’m happy to put up a how-to for that. Just leave a comment.

img HowTo

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5 Responses to “Basic Steganography How-To: Hide files in JPEGs”

  1. Night Says:

    I’m interested for more sofisticated solutions

  2. The encoder Says:

    This is much easier and better:

  3. The encoder Says:

    link has changed

  4. The encoder Says:

  5. Chad Davis Says:

    For more information on steganography and steganalysis, check out the Stegangoraphy Analysis and Research Center’s website at