Singapore plans free wireless Internet

img SNG MerLion From January next year, Singaporeans will get to enjoy free wireless Internet in public areas for two years. The government hopes this will grow the broadband market from the current 50,000 users to about 250,000 users in two years.

Three operators – iCELL network, QMax Communications and SingTel will participate in this government and industry sponsored program. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself has announced this and other initiatives yesterday evening during a celebration marking 25 years of infocomm achievements.

via Channel NewsAsia

P.S: The picture above shows the Singapore Merlion on Sentosa island

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One Response to “Singapore plans free wireless Internet”

  1. wonderer Says:

    What a scam!  get your population of fools hooked on it for two
    years and then charge for it.  They know full well that there will
    be a boom in sales of mobile devices because of this, and because of
    the fool-collective investment in these devices, they would naturally
    want to subscribe to the service after 2 years so that their purchases
    of the said devices would not be wasted.  It takes a nation of
    fools for such schemes to be passed without question.